I'm, I'm Nicholas. I'm from Paris, but raised in english my whole life. Now I live in San Francisco. I do a lot of different things.

I'm a developer, trained as a french engineer in math and physics (that means lots and lots of theory, without computers), with a hint of CS. I work for Pinterest, and my favorite language is python.

Amongst too many things I'm curious about, I'm passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, math, innovation, and the internet.


I went to Mines ParisTech, for a degree in general engineering. I specialized in entrepreneurship and computer science.

I've always loved math and computers, but also products. This led to experience all across the stack. I have slowly specialized in backend services work, during the day, but still work on frontend and some machine learning by night. If you want to see some my work, check out my projects section.

Most of my code is also on github.

If you are interested in working with me, you can check out resume, and I usually answer my email.


Music is kind of a big deal, probably not teaching you anything here. I played classical piano for 12 years, but now I am mainly on the passive listener side. I mostly listen to classical, jazz, deep house, minimal, and hip hop.

You can find me on



I like to call myself an amateur photographer, but mostly I take pictures of things that don't move, since capturing people is still much too hard for me!

I shoot with very little regularity, but you can find some of my stuff on 500px


A few years ago, I discovered chess, and I haven't managed to stop playing since. I'm far from being a grand master, but if you want to play I'm always down, just send me a request on my chess.com account.


I play basketball, tennis, and I run a little. Nothing serious, but I like the endorphines.