I'm from Paris, with a British upbringing, and for the past few years I've lived in the beautiful San Francisco.

I'm a developer, trained as a french engineer in theoretical sciences (that means lots and lots of math and physics theory).

Amongst too many things I'm curious about, I'm passionate about technology, entrepreneurship, math, innovation, and the internet.


I proudly got my masters in a small, prestigious french school called Mines ParisTech.

I've written quite a bit of python, javascript, elixir, and go, and these days I work for Cruise Automation, building self-driving cars!

I'm a big believer in open source, and I push everything I can to github.

If you are interested in working with me, you can check out my resume, and I usually answer my email.


I played classical piano for 12 years, but now I am mainly on the passive listener side. I mostly listen to classical, jazz, deep house, minimal, and hip hop.

You can find me on Spotify, SoundCloud, and 8tracks


I love photography, and mostly I take pictures of things that don't move.

I shoot with very little regularity, but you can find some of my stuff on 500px.


I love competitive games, and chess is the ultimate form of a 1v1 battle of the wits. I'm far from being a grandmaster, but if you want to play I'm always down, just send me a request on my chess.com account.


I play basketball, tennis and football (the one that uses feet). I also love mountain biking.