Moving Forward

may 2015

Last Friday was my last day at StarMaker, and beginning next Tuesday, I am proud to be joining the team at URX.

After having stayed a while at StarMaker, and having learned a lot about B2C mobile apps, I am excited to join a more engineering and science focused product. If you don't already know about URX, I suggest you check them out; they are revolutionizing the way users navigate the tree structure that is mobile apps.
I am thrilled to join a team working on such an innovative product that - I believe - will change the smartphone ecosystem as a whole.

The challenges ahead seem terribly exciting. This time I won't just be fooling around in Python, but also in Go, Scala, and many other cool technologies. I've been looking for a good excuse to mess with these for too long, so this is fantastic news!

Thank you StarMaker and all the people there, especially some engineers - who will recognize themselves - for all the things I learned, all the things I broke, and all the ones I fixed.

On to the next adventure!

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