Write for 5 minutes, every day!
My girlfriend loves to write, but finds it hard to make it a daily habit. I worked on this daily prompt creative writing app: avostories.

Love as a service

Love as a service (loveaas) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of spreading the love. It was written as a response to the fuck off as a service project.
Quick example?

Hacker New CLIs

When learning a new language, my goto app is not a todo list, but rather a command line hacker news client. Here are a couple I have on github, in elixir and go.


Deprecated since Klout is dead
The kloutometer allows you to compare klout scores by inputting different twitter handles.
It's written in Flask, and open source on github.

This Website

The code for this website is also open source on github.
It is a python Flask application, ran in on a Digital Ocean box (which I love), served with Nginx and uWSGI.

Another blog, focused on small bites of knowledge in software (more or less relevant). This was built with Hugo and deployed with nginx.